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My world changed at the stroke of midnight. No, I’m not Cinderella—she can suck it.


When fate stepped in and waved its magic wand, my destiny, or what I thought was my destiny had been altered. With a new found energy, I decided things needed to change.


This is my time. My turn to take life by the balls. No one will hold me back, yet one man will give me hope. This is my fairy tale, and I’ll write my own ending.


I’m Gretchen Prescott, and this is my story.


From the first day I met her, I knew she was special. She was taken; we were friends. When the dumbass didn’t realize what he had, he lost her. I suppose one man’s loss could be this man’s gain.


All I wanted was to hold her, be with her and make her mine. She deserves the best things in life, and I plan on giving them to her.


I’m Mason McDermott, and this is our story.


*Intended for readers 18+

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